Helpful Content Update 2022

Google’s announcement of the “helpful content update 2022” is likely to shake up the SEO industry. It is designed to promote content created primarily for people, particularly content that demonstrates first-hand experience and truly fulfills the user’s intent.

Google has announced that it will release a new algorithm update next week, the Useful Content Update. The update aims to bolster content written for humans and downplay content written primarily for SEO.

Unlike the recent Product Reviews update, which targeted specific page types, the Helpful Content update 2022 targets the site as a whole. This means that all sides can be affected.

Updating useful content also introduces new signals that Google uses to rank web pages.

Google has warned about these algorithm changes, but a week isn’t a long lead time. However, it could be argued that all websites should be written primarily for humans.

This is the announcement via Twitter:

Helpful Content Update 2022

Next week we will be releasing the Helpful Content Update 2022 to better ensure that people see more original, helpful content written by people for people, rather than content created primarily for search engine traffic.

What creators should know about Google’s Helpful Content Update 2022?

Sites that have a large amount of content created primarily to rank well in Google rather than to satisfy the needs of an audience are flagged with a sitewide signal. Helpful content update 2022 isn’t a manual action or an algorithmic penalty, but I think it will feel like it.

This update will roll out sometime next week. It seems that Helpful content update 2022 will have a gradual effect. When it affects you, it affects the entire site, so it can be devastating for many sites. You can recover by improving your content to make it “useful”. Google will continually monitor the web and if it determines that your content is now primarily useful and has been for some time, it will rank your site down.

Simultaneously with announcing the update on his official Twitter account, he published a new post on his blog, What Creators should know about Google’s useful content update, in which The beneficial Helpful content update 2022 makes it clear that “our goal is to better reward material where visitors believe they had a gratifying experience, while content that doesn’t match a visitor’s expectations doesn’t do as well.”

The article describes a series of questions, in the answers to which we can find the guidelines on which Google will base this update:

  • Should the content be created for humans rather than just attracting users from search engines?
  • Do you often create material on a variety of subjects in the hopes that some of it would do well in search engine results?
  • Do you employ a lot of automation to produce content across a variety of topics?
  • Do you frequently paraphrase others’ arguments without contributing much of your own?
  • Do you write about things simply because they seem trendy and not because you would otherwise write about them for your current audience?
  • Does your content make readers feel like they need to look again for better information from other sources?
  • Are you writing for a specific word count because you’ve heard or read that Google has a preferred word count? (No, we don’t).
  • Have you decided to jump into a niche topic with no real experience, but mainly because you thought you’d get search traffic?
  • Does your content promise to answer a question that doesn’t really have an answer, such as E.g. the suggestion that there is a release date for a product, movie, or TV show even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet?

How will Helpful Content Update 2022 Impact Websites?

Helpful Content Update 2022

Helpful content update 2022 highlights the fact that its impact will be at the site level rather than specific content. So if a particular piece is of very good quality but surrounded by unhelpful content, according to Google’s announcement, the entire site will be affected.

This classification process uses a machine learning model, so Helpful content update 2022 is fully automated, and while Google makes it clear that it’s not a manual action or a spam action, I have the impression that the impact on some sites will be very similar. However, Google notes that this is just a new signal and one of many signals that Google uses to rank content.

Our “Helpful Content Update,” releasing next week, will give more exposure to original, helpful content created by people for people over content created primarily to drive search traffic. It’s part of an overall effort to display more unique, authentic information in results.

Google Helpful Content Update Is Now Rolling Out

Coinciding with the announcement of this update, Danny Sullivan published an insightful article on The Keyword entitled “More content by people, for people on Search,” in which he digs a little deeper:

We’re constantly updating our search to make sure we’re helping you find quality content. Next week we will be releasing the Useful Content Update to address content that appears to have been created primarily to rank well in search engines rather than to help or educate people. This ranking update helps ensure that low-quality, non-original content does not rank high in search, and our testing has shown that it particularly improves results related to online education as well as content related to arts and entertainment will improve. shopping and technology.

Finally, at the end of the article, Google clarified that in the first phase, this update affects searches in English worldwide, while the deployment for other countries and languages ​​will follow later. In the coming months, it will continue to refine how the classifier detects useless content and implement more signals to better reward content that puts people first.

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Q1. What is a useful content update?

This update introduces new ranking signals that negatively impact websites that publish large amounts of content that is of little value or not useful to search engines.

“Content from sites that are believed to have a relatively high total amount of unhelpful content (rather than just unhelpful content) is less likely to perform well in search, provided the content can be referenced elsewhere the website is displayed. Therefore, deleting useless content can improve the ranking of other content.”

Q2. What should I do if I am affected by the useful content update?

If you are concerned about updating useful content, Google advises you to remove unnecessary content from your site.

Google states that websites affected by this update may be affected for several months; see Google’s blog post here.

Q3. Who will be affected?

This update is not a manual action, With the use of a machine learning model, the procedure is automated.

Human-targeted content can appear on sites with a lot of useless content but still rank well.

The signals are weighted so that some locations are more affected than others.
Initially, only English searches will be affected.

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